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Gloryhole Fantasy

Post #1

Gloryhole FantasyThis naughty thought came to mind. Like I stated in the opening blog, we decided? Well she decided to play a game with our ?Fuckit List? we made in another blog entry. Right now, I have the ball and I get to choose anything on our list to do. I could lose possession but right now I have the choice. We aren't sure anything like this will happen, but it?s kinda nice for a fantasy and even nicer to talk about while we are fucking. One of the rules is that I have to tell her while I?m fucking her, so recently I told her about this. I knew she might be reluctant but when I whispered it into her ear while I was fucking her, she got so fucking creamy and wet it sounded like stirring mac and cheese. So who knows, it might just come true. Here is the story:We finally get away from our spouses for a night and decide to go out of town for an adventure. I researched a few places to go and found one spot that I thought we would both enjoy. We've talked about it before and it would be a first for the both of us so naturally we were nervous. As we pulled up to the adult bookstore I could feel her hand shaking and sweating so I asked if she was sure and she nodded and whispered "if you are, I want to please you babe." With that I put the car in park and coaxed her out. The tight skirt clung to her sexy hose and revealed her naked ass as she got out of the passenger side. I pulled it down and gave her a playful smack on the ass cheek as I kissed her and said "Let's go." We got to the front door and I asked again if she was okay with this and told her that at any point she can say no and we will go back to the hotel. I know she thinks what we are going to do is all my fantasy but I think she secretly desires what is about to happen. I want her to feel pleasure like she never has before. That?s why I chose this.We walk in and there are a few guys around looking at various things. They pass a glance toward us and do a double take. I guess there?s not many women frequent the place, because we quickly became the center of attention. I can understand why though. My beautiful lover is dressed in all black, sexy hose, tight skirt, no panties, and black boots. Her voluptuous body has curves that make me horny and hard and I could see the same look in their eyes. She turned her eyes toward me and said, ?They?re staring at us.? I laughed and said that it was because you?re so hot lover. We made our way to the counter and asked to pay for a booth and the employee said that couples are free, so we ducked behind the curtain and made our way down the cramped hallway and found a door that was open. Once inside, Cindy fumbled in her bag and pulled out a pillow and a tiny bottle of lube. I placed some money in the video machine and picked a few videos to play. I looked around and saw a bench and a hole in each wall on either side. Cindy pulled off her top and said that she was cold and I assured her that she would warm up soon. ?Shall we get started?? I said. I grabbed her and pulled her close. I began kissing her and rubbing her back. She responded to my touches and began to dart her tongue into my mouth and slowly moved her hands down and undid my pants. Soon my hard cock was free and she was pumping it with her soft hands. She broke away from my embrace and grabbed the pillow and knelt down in front of me. Just then we heard the door in the next room open and close and she looked up at me very nervously and I just smiled back. I pushed her head on my cock and she started sucking it furiously. I could see the guy in the next booth looking through the hole so I told her we have a looker. That just made her suck it with so much more vigor. She struggled to get me down her throat but finally did. The visitor must have been stroking his cock because there was a lot of movement on the other side of that hole in the wall. About that time, I heard the door open and close on the other side of our booth and saw someone peeking from that hole as well. ?We have another one babe,? I said as I pulled her off my dick. She just looked and smiled at me with that little slutty grin she does. I turned her around and led her closer to the first hole and put the pillow down. Now she was about a foot from the hole facing away from me. I slide my cock in her wet pussy, damn she was wet. She is normally wet for me but she was actually dripping juice from her gorgeous pussy lips. I slowly started to pump my cock into her as she looked through the hole. The guy must have stood up as we were arranging ourselves because soon a large erect dick came through the hole. Cindy peered back at me with a questioning look and I said go ahead, ?touch it.? She spit in her hand and reached up to grab the hard cock in front of her. It was about as long as mine but a little thicker. The veins were bulging and the head was swollen and almost purple already. She slowly began stroking his dick while I fucked her from behind. I could tell the nervousness began to fade away because she really got into it. She was stroking it slow and squeezing the base and we could hear the moans coming from his lips. Soon he was begging her to stick it in her mouth. She looked back at me and I nodded in approval. She adjusted closer and kissed the tip. The excited guy just lunged and seemed to try to put his whole body through the tiny hole in the wall. Cindy just giggled and said ?My, you want it bad don?t you.? I watched as she slowly wrapped her lips around the bulging head as he groaned out in pleasure. Here we were. I was fucking my gorgeous lover while she was sucking another cock right there in front of me. My dick just got harder and I began to pick up the pace as I watched her mouth go lower and lower on his rigid cock until she had him deep in her mouth touching her throat. Cindy began to lose all inhibitions as she started bobbing her head taking him deep in her mouth. I could see his balls tighten up and he gave a courtesy knock to let her know he was about to cum. She quickly took her mouth off of his cock and began to stroke the purple headed dick as he began to spurt cum. His dick convulsed several times spurting hot sticky loads on her neck and breasts. She looked back at me and smiled as he withdrew his cock from the hole. I asked if she liked it and she said ?Did you?? I smiled and said yes, that it was surprisingly hot. She just smiled and exclaimed that she wanted me to fuck her harder. I looked over my shoulder and the guy in the next room was standing up so I asked her if she wanted to do another one to which she excitedly replied yes. So we turned around and got ready for the next patron. This time she moved closer to the hole and said ?Let?s go to the room after this one.? I said ?Sure? as I grabbed the bottle of lube and gave her a devilish grin. Soon this hole produced a dick and I knew she would enjoy this session. The cock that poked through was about 8 inches long, very thick and hard as a rock. Immediately she grabbed it and began sucking and stroking it with her hand. While she was busy I squirted lube on her tiny puckered asshole and slipped a finger inside to get it good and wet. She took her mouth off the cock and said ?Fuck my ass Mike, fuck me deep and hard.? I didn?t waste any time as I slipped the tip inside her tight ass and felt her squeeze my dick with it. I inched more and more into her and she put her mouth back on his dick and began sucking and slurping, bobbing her head while she stroked the shaft of this strangers big cock. Soon I was all of the way in and started to pump slowly so she could get used to it. I could see that she was enjoying what we were doing. She was getting a cock from both ends and loving it. She put her hand down so now she was on all fours and with each thrust I gave her, she would go down on his cock. I began to fuck her ass quickening the pace until I was slamming her balls deep with every stroke. She took her mouth off and asked if she could swallow his cum. This just totally surprised me but I was very hot and horny from the ass on my dick and the show she was putting on for me so I said, ?Babe this is for you, if you want it swallow it.? So she smiled and began sucking him deep and fast. I continued to fuck her tight ass and was feeling the cum begin to build up. I tried to wait and luckily the incredible blowjob this guy was getting took its toll because the courtesy knock came in a few seconds. This made me want to blow my load because I knew she was going to get what she wanted. I fucked her even harder as the groans from the other booth grew louder. I knew he was cumming deep in her throat and I couldn?t hold back. My cock began to spray the inside of her ass with warm cum as she struggled to swallow the strangers big load. I slowed the pace down to enjoy the feeling of her stretched ass being lubed up with cum. She took her mouth off of the cock and licked the last few drops from the tip and the little that was streaming down her wrist. I pulled out and watched the cock disappear through the hole as she turned to me and said ?This was fun, what?s next on our list.?
04-15-2021, at 09:59 AM

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