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Ghost Cum Pt.2

Post #1

Ghost Cum Pt.2I woke up this morning in a haze. With a solid morning wood. Was last night even real or was it some kind of dream. God i hope it was real and she comes back for more. I go and take a piss and head down stairs.I grab a bowl of cereal and sit down at the table. I start to eat my breakfast and read threw the paper. As im chewing my food. I feel a hand reach into my pjs and grab my balls. I jumped and knocked my knees on the table spilling the milk. Fuck i yell and attempt to get up to clean my mess. Im pushed against the chair and my cock is pulled out. I feel it enter her warm wet mouth her tongue carressing my throbbing head. She gibes the best head ive ever gotten taking my whole cock and sucking my balls. Im getting so close to cumming when I hear foot steps coming down.I tuck my cock in and start eating my cereal. Goodmorning my grandfather said. How are you. Im doing great i replied as i can still feel my cock being sucked like a lollipop. I hurry and finish my cereal and tuck my cock in my waistband and go upstairs.I get dressed and head to go outside and get some work done. As im working in the garden i hear a whisper in my ear. Look up into your bedroom. I look up and i can see this great ass pressed up against it. Lovely pussy lips and shaved too. Come fuck me she insists. I bite my lip and continue to work. This does not make her happy. She grabs my cock and squeezes it and starts sucking it in my pants. Im fucking throbbing hard pressed up against my jeans. She whispers im not going to stop till you come up here and see me. Fuck gardening is so hard when your cock is having its life sucked out of It. I eventually give up and drop my work and pull my cock out and blow a huge load all over the ground. Fuck me she whispers. I wanted that in my ass. She bites my ear. As i put my dick back in my pant. I finish up my work and go inside. I sit down to eat dinner. I can feel her hand on my leg again. Rubbing on my cock and balls. I feel her begin to unzip me and look down as my cock plops on out. And she begins rubbing it. I try as hard as i can to keep a straight face through dinner. As shes rubbing the fuck out my dick getting me throbbing hard dripping precum all over my pants.I sit there till everyone is done. And i find my chance to put everything away. I get up wash the dishes and tell my grandparents im going to bed. I head up stairs so excited throbbing hard. I grab a quick shower my cock still stiffened with excitement. I get out wrap myself in a towel and head to my room.I close and lock my door and she rips my towel away. I turn around and i can see her. Shes so beatiful. Dark brown hair to her shoulders bright green beautiful eyes. And some of those amazing lips ive ever seen. With a perfect pair of breast a nice handful for sure and great thick ass and wide hips.She leads me to the bed and i lie down fully erect and ready for the weirdest sex ever lol. She climbs on top of me and sits on my face as she begins to suck my dick. God she really loves blowing me. I can feel her ass press on my face so i grab it and spread it open and eat her pussy. I hear her moan hard against my cock as i get my tongue deep in her pussy. She slowly starts to grind on my face as shes rubbing and sucking on my head. Shes now fucking my tongue i can hear her moaning louder and begin to scream as she cums so hard i can her juices drip down my face i can taste her and smell her. Her taste is unbelievable. She slowly climbs forward and hops on my huge cock throbbing so hard in her tight fucking pussy. She bouncy her ass against me so hard fucking the life out of me as she cums again and again trembling from her excitement.She slowly slides my cock.out of her pussy and lays down on the bed ass up. She tells me she wants me to fuck her ass and cum in her. I spread her cheeks open good and go down and eat that ass so good getting my tongue in her ass as deep as i could.I pull her body back.towards mine. And smack her ass and slowly put my throbbing hard cock in her ass. Slowly i start to fuck her. Fuck her asshole is so tight. I begin to fuck her faster and faster going all the way in as my balls are slapping her so good. I hit rock bottom im pounding her ass so fucking hard. I hear her screaming so loud against the bed. I fucking cum so hard and deep in her ass and i just keep fucking her until im shaking and fall over on top of her.Fuck that was amazing she tells me. She pulls my cock out of her ass and smiles as shes squeezes her cheeks causing my cum to drip out of her hole. Eat it you bitch. She looks at me and i go down and eat her asshole clean even some more pussy while im down there. For now on your my living boyfriend she declares. I just smile and nod in agreement and slowly fall asleep with her pressed against me cuddling.Goodnite she whispers.
04-15-2021, at 09:59 AM

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