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My Autobiography True story

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My Autobiography True storyJENNY ----- MY LIFE (a true story)INTRODUCTIONThe story of my life has been written as if it were a novel rather than a documentary because I think it would appeal more to the reader of other peoples? lives. In any case my reflections are as real to me today as when they happened and as I write I am body and soul back to the time of the event.About myself. I was born in the South West of England. I have never married. I have never had c***dren. I am bi-sexual. I was runner-up in a beauty contest at the age of eighteen and as a consequence had many modeling opportunities.CHAPTER 1MY RECENT LIFE AND MY ADORATION OF OLD MENThe events of last night have once again prompted me to put pen to paper to tell the story of my wonderful sexual life. I say once again because there has been many an occasion after a great sexual experience that the desire to tell my story has come to the fore but for one reason or other another it never happened, until now.As usual it started with a phone call from my friend Simon who lives three floors above me in the same block of apartments located just off the centre of Truro in Cornwall.?Hi Jenny, fancy a coffee?? This was an agreed signal that Simon used (in case I had visitors who might accidentally overhear our conversation). The coffee invite told me that he was in need of some ?release?, sexual release that is and was I available to join him to receive that ?release?. You see, I have this problem in that I need, on a regular basis, an intake of sperm to satisfy my craving. This craving started many years ago and as far I can recollect it was at the tender age of f******n and has dominated my life ever since. The peculiar thing is that ever since my mid thirties I have craved the sperm of old men and when I say old I mean men of sixty years plus. I cannot explain why this should be but there is a psychological block to my enjoying younger mens' sperm. Although I have enjoyed sex with many, many men of all ages during my life and still do on the odd occasion, I am constantly drawn to older men. Also I should explain that I need to take it by mouth and most important the sperm has to be from a virile man, if there are no wriggling sperm, I?m not interested, another mental block of mine. And one further thing I need to mention, I am only drawn to old men who have that special taste to their sperm. So you can see that I have very particular needs and am a so very luckily that Simon fits them all perfectly. We have been very happy with this sexual partnership for nearly two years now. The taste of his cum is so sweet and delicious that I freely admit I?m now addicted to it.?Hi Simon, I?d love some coffee, I?ll be up in a few minutes put the coffee on?.?Great? said Simon with an excited voice,? This time I have pleasant surprise for you?.?What is it??But before I could pursue the inquiry he cut in ?Jenny you?ll love it I can promise, so leave it until you get here?. I was really curious now. ?OK Simon I?ll be up in a jiffy?.My practice on these occasions is to have quick shower thoroughly wash my pussy, slip on a skirt or dress but no panties. Simon loves me to do myself up smartly with make-up and all the feminine trimmings and I love doing it for him. In the shower I was very excited about the surprise and my mind flashed back to the first time I really met him. What I mean is that although I have lived in my apartment for nigh on 25 years and had on many an occasion passed Mr. Gibson, as I knew him then, in the lobby, I had never spoken to him or really acknowledged him over many years. I knew snippets of information about him and knew he owned a chain of shoe shops around the town and in near by towns. He was always very smartly dressed with his brief case and was well respected. I do remember about eight years ago it being mentioned that his wife had suffered k**ney failure and died and from that point onwards he seemed to look less well turned out than he used to be, but other than that I barely noticed him. Then about two years ago things changed dramatically which I want to tell you about before I continue with last nights events.THE LAUNDRY ROOMThe night had been long and frustrating. It was one of those nights when lust consumes but cannot be abated no matter how you link your most sensual experience or fantasy with which to reach the merest of orgasms so that sleep will take over: It seems that I had had my finger on my clit from the moment I got into bed hoping for a quick cum to send me on my way to deep sleep. Before I knew it the dawn was upon me and I felt drained as if I had not slept at all but knew that that could not have been the case. I lay for a while cursing the fact that my wildest fantasies did not respond to my intense clit frigging and wondering why this happens so often just when I need it most. Human emotions are so complex. After breakfast, being Saturday, I did my usual chores at a lazy pace and relaxed around the flat wondering whether a trip to the shops would perk me up, but seeing the rain pissing down outside soon put that idea to rest. Oh well I suppose getting the pile of laundry going would take my mind off things and besides it had to be done for the following week?s wear. Then disaster, the washing machine went up in smoke after only a few moments of being switched on.?Oh fuck!? I screamed. ?What am I going to do now??Trying to think out loud I asked myself where there was a Laundromat in town, but couldn?t think where there was one. I scoured the telephone book but could find none near to where I live.?God, I need to get some washing done before Monday else I?m going to look like a scruff at work? I said to myself out loud.It was then I remembered that there was a laundry in the basement, built into the apartment block for the sole use of the residents many moons ago, I think in the days when not everyone had their own machines. Picking the phone up I called down to the lobby and asked about the laundry in the basement and was it still in use. ?Well yes it is still there and is still available?, came back the answer. ?Thank god for that?, I said ?Is the door locked or what?? I asked. ?Oh yes it?s always kept locked but you can get the key from the lobby here?. ?Great I?ll be down in a few minutes, thanks?. I was so relieved.Gathering all the clothes that needed washing in to a black bin-bag and grabbing some washing powder and a book to read, I was straight down in the matter of moments to the lobby. It was only when I arrived in the lobby that I realized that all I was wearing was my casual house dress with nothing on underneath, no bra and no panties and a pair of slip-ons on my feet. Half gathering the open top of my dress to partially conceal my breasts, I said to the lobby clerk ?Sorry about this? half indicating to my state of dress. ?That?s ok miss, its Saturday after all, a day to relax? as he pulled his eyes away from my hand holding my top as if he was hoping for a glimpse of flesh. I was almost tempted to give him a teeny bit of titillation but then thought better of it. His body language indicated a degree of disappointment. ?You should find everything straight forward miss, the machines are all fairly new so you'll find the controls straight forward. You?ve had problems, miss???Yeah mine has just blown up?.?Sorry about that miss, it?s just as well we keep the basement machines well maintained for times like these although they're very rarely used.? ?You?re a god-send ?, I said as I was given the key.?No probs miss, give us a shout if you need help?.The laundry was indeed equipped with modern machines, three washing machines and two large tumble driers. There was something about the room which told me it was rarely used although it was very clean. It was an L shaped room with the washing machines on the right as you entered and the tumble driers on the opposite side. Around the corner at the far end of the room there were some empty shelves with a table, all very spick and span. Along the back wall was a settee and a couple of stools, obviously placed there for who wanted to sit out the washing cycle, which suited me well because I?d brought my latest novel to kill the time. Having got a machine loaded and set off I settled down on the settee to enjoy my book.I was about twenty minutes into the wash cycle and was so deeply engrossed in a very sensual section of my book that I hadn't realized that my left hand had strayed between my legs and was gently caressing my pussy through the thin fabric of my dress causing a damp patch to appear. Suddenly I heard a squeak from the direction of the door and pulled my hand away from my now very damp pussy. Thinking it would be the lobby clerk popping in to check if I was ok, I quickly sat up from the slouched position I had slumped into and quickly put my knees together from their slightly parted state.Well who should come through the door, not the porter but Mr. Gibson from three floors above me. This was a surprise. I could never have imagined that this well to do man would ever be reduced to using the apartments? washing facilities. With the slightest of glances in my direction and certainly with the merest of acknowledgment he dropped his blue plastic bag in front of one of the empty machines while he studied the machines instructions. From my position on the settee I could study this man whom I had known of for many years but did not know in person.He was about five feet two inches tall and I would guess about fifteen stones in weight with a rather large beer belly which caused his dark blue T shirt top to hang well out from his dark blue trainer bottoms. I remembered the days passed when he was much trimmer than now and in those days I don't think he would have ever been seen wearing casuals. How time changes a person. As he bent over reading the instructions, I could see his double chin and his almost white hair which seemed unkempt, hanging over the back of his collar. Sad to see such a man letting himself go. Having worked out how to operate the machine and loaded it, with what seemed to be predominantly white shirts, he set it going and just stood there gazing into the large round window as if mesmerized. I went back to my book, to the sensuality of the story.From time to time I glanced towards him as I turned over a page and noticed that he quickly diverted his eyes when I looked at him. I continued my book which was getting me more and more worked-up and once again I felt the urge to fondle my pussy. It was then that I remembered the stain on my dress and wondered if Mr. Gibson had seen it too. Just the thought caused another release of cunt juice, which was getting a bit embarrassing as I could feel the wetness on the seat beneath me.I continued reading. Forgetting his presence I again got caught up with the story. It was only when I came to turn another page and glanced at him again that I saw his eyes were fixed between my legs and I realized that my knees had parted in my excitement. It occurred to me he must have been able to see my naked pussy. Quickly I diverted my eyes back to the book before he could see that I had spotted him looking up my crotch. "Wow, this is crazy", I thought to myself. "He's looking at my pussy. This old guy is looking at my pussy!" All sorts of things raced through my mind. I wondered if he could become my next old man lover. This old man with his reputation and his position in the town! I just sat there stunned and not moving my legs one way or other. Sneaking another glance towards him without him being made aware of it, I could see he seemed transfixed between my legs."God this could be exciting. I wonder...." Ever, ever so slowing, without hardly any discernment on his part, I allowed my knees to move further and further apart as I hid behind my book pretending to be totally absorbed. I knew my cunt must now be fully exposed to him and I could feel the juices trickling down my inner lips."Oh god how do I handle this?" My mind was going wild.I knew this was a great opportunity to hook this old guy but what do I do next so as not to frighten him off. A couple more minutes went by with me relishing exposing myself to this old gentleman knowing he was absorbed with my pussy too."Go for it girl!" I said to myself. "Take the bull by the horns (internal chuckle at my own sense of humour), just calmly lay the book down and look him straight in the eye and open your legs completely and smile at him. Say some words of reassurance that everything's ok". Putting the book calmly down beside me on the settee, I could see the sudden panic in his face at being caught-out looking at my cunt. "Eh everything?s OK" I said trying to ease his apparent stress. "I love you looking at me. It's giving me great pleasure?. I extended my hand towards him.?I want you to look at my pussy. Please believe me, I love it". Suddenly I felt he was about to flee the scene. I jumped up off the settee and quickly moving to him, grabbed his hand.?Please, Mr. Gibson, it really is Ok. I wanted to show myself to you. I find you very attractive believe me?. He was still in a state of semi panic, so I stroked his hand gently and told him that everything was really ok and that I wanted him to stay. He seemed to calm down a little at this so I just kept smiling at him and stroking his hand."How do you know my name?" he asked with a pinched forehead."I've known you for years Mr. Gibson. I've had my apartment here for many years. I'm Jenny from No.1 on the second floor"."Oh! I see?. Eventually he settled down to the point that I was able to get him to sit beside me on the settee and I just kept saying nice things to him which relaxed him more and more. It took several minutes before I risked guiding hand to my knee but when I did I was most surprised to find he didn't pull his hand away. Gently caressing his hand on my knee I felt a slight movement of his fingers as he gained confidence at touching my flesh. I kept smiling at him and reminding how much I liked his touching my leg. It wasn't too long before I could feel his fingers moving further around my knee and inside leg. It felt so good and I made sure he knew that I was really enjoying his touching me. Encouraged by his increased caressing I guided his hand slowly but steadily up the inside of my thigh until his fingers touched my saturated pussy lips. I could feel they were already spread wide with excitement. I just couldn't believe my luck."God you?re so soaking" he sighed as I continued to feed his hand into my pulsating cunt. Holding his hand in place for a few moments I waited for him to take the initiative, which didn't take long. Feeling his fingers moving in my juices, I gently withdrew my hand leaving him in place. I was so pleased to feel his fingers starting to explore the inner lips, pushing further into my drenched sex hole.I was now in heaven and eased myself back on the settee and closed my eyes to enjoy the incredible sensation he was giving me. Suddenly he pulled his hand away causing me to open my eyes with a start, thinking he was having an anxiety attack, only to find that he put his dripping fingers to his nose sniffing my cunt juice before putting his them into his mouth and sucking off all my nectar. He grinned at me."You're such a lovely lady" he managed to mumble while still lapping his fingers. "Just so great!"I was so happy to hear him say exactly what I hoped he was feeling. Encouraged by this I said to him,"You're making me feel on top of the world, I would love you to suck my pussy. Would you?" I knew I was going for broke ."God I'd love to do that for you. It's been years since I did that".Raising myself up to a sitting position I indicated to that if I climbed onto the table he could find it easier to do it rather that kneel on the floor and bend down. He was pleased at this suggestion and took my elbow to assist me up off the settee. Quickly I hoisted myself onto the table, at the same pulling my dress out of the way, then raised my knees to my chest and opened my legs to their full extent. I was as open as I could possibly be and was offering my whole sex to his full view. I felt so lurid. He immediately knelt on one knee with his face on level with my invitingly dribbling pussy."My god it's beautiful" he murmured as he had his first view of my pink wet cunt surrounded by my black pubic hair. I have never believed in shaving my pubic hairs preferring the natural state. Using both thumbs he peeled my cunt lips right back and staring into my slit he gave a deep sigh and murmured "So, so beautiful" and immediately licked the length of my slit, scooping up my juices on his tongue before swallowing . He seemed to be in a state of ecstasy with his eyes closed. After a few moments he opened his eyes which were now glazed and immediately covered the whole of pussy with his open mouth and started slurping at my cunt juice for all his worth. The investigating tongue was now driving me crazy. Placing my right hand on the back of his head I pushed his exploring tongue further into my eager hole anxious for more sensations, but at the back of my mind I didn't want to blow my mind in orgasm. Well at least not until I had the chance to explore what he had to offer me. It wasn't long before his lavish attention started to trigger my journey to total oblivion. But blowing my lot all over his face was not what I had in mind with it my chance to take things further. You see my problem is that once I cum I'm finished completely and become dead to the world. So, gently I pushed his head away from my pussy and looking straight at him I whispered."You must let me play with you now, OK?"He didn't say a word but struggled to his feet and stood there just like a little boy not sure what happens next. Slipping off the table, I knelt in front him, then looking up at him I hooked a finger under the elastic of his trainer pants at each hip and slowly started to peel them down all the while staring straight into his eyes looking for any sigh of panic. There were none. I sighed with relief. Amazingly he just stood as I pulled his trousers down to his knees at which point I broke eye contact to get my first glimpse of his nakedness. Wow he wasn't wearing any underwear, very encouraging. But what I did see was a massive fleshy belly which hid his pubic area by its huge overhang.Stooping down a bit, I got my first glimpse of his a mass of grey pubic hair. In fact that was all I could see, only hair. I almost thought he didn't have a cock but knew there must be one in there somewhere. Looking up at him again I smiled at him. "Are you OK?" "I think so", he replied hesitantly. Still looking into his eyes I placed my hand on the mound of hair and started exploring around searching for his cock. I could feel a little lump of flesh and using my finger and thumb managed to coax it to the surface. Bending lower I saw his tiny cock head poking out of his bush. I realized at this point that Simon was circumcised. It looked cute in many ways but I knew I needed something more substantial than this to satisfy my needs. As I continued to tease his little dick it started to grow a bit so I started to pull the head to awaken it further. Placing my other hand underneath his bush I searched for his ball sack which I found covered with a fury layer of hair. By gently squeezing his balls I could feel his cock responding even more. There was some life in the old boy yet and before long I had a decent length in my hand and stiffening bit by bit.To get a better angle to fondle his awakening cock I decided to sit on the floor so I encouraged him to step one leg out of trousers then pushing his feet slight apart I was able to slide in between his legs and get close to my rising friend. Pulling on the head and leaning forward I managed to get the knob in my mouth and start sucking. There was a contented groan from above. Unfortunately it wasn?t long before my neck started to ache badly because of his belly cramping my position and the most I could get him to stiffen was only about four and half inches so I pulled out from under him. "I'm sorry about this", came a timid voice from above.Rising to my feet I could see he was a little upset. "No, no, no. There's nothing wrong" I said half laughing. "No, it's me. I need to feel you inside me!"Once again I hoisted myself onto the table with my dress pulled up and again I opened my legs fully for him to take me. But by now he had lost what stiffness he had so I had to feel for his cock again and this time it responded very quickly to my touch. But then there was another problem. Because of his big gut I had to grab his cock from under my thigh so as to try and feed him into my pussy from below. But even this didn't work because now we found that the table was too high and his belly blocked the way to my cunt."I know what to do" I assured him. "Back to the settee, it's much lower and you could kneel down, it should be much easier that way". Jumping off the table I guided him back to the settee where I sat and got him to stand in front of me like a shy boy. "This should work ok" I said as I took hold of his softened cock and gently massaged it whilst smiling up at him. I got an almost instant reaction and within seconds his cock was lengthening in my hand. Squeezing it more firmly I was hoping to get more out of it but I felt I had reached its limit. Still holding his erection I indicated for him to kneel down in front of me which he did with a bit of an effort. Whilst still managing to hold onto his cock, I shuffled forward on the settee dragging my dress from under my bum and spreading my legs and at the same time bringing my knees up to my chest. In this position I got him to shuffle forward so I could guide his penis to my eager cunt. Oh! That first penetration of a new cock! There is no greater excitement to me than the first time I feel a new cock sliding into my cunt. That feeling of having my uterus spread for the first time by a new length of hot male flesh always drives me over the top. And now I was about accept another new one and this belonging to an ?old man? just had me on the edge of delirium. As I pulled his cock to the entrance he had to shuffle forward more and as I eased the head between my lips. The sensation of this new cock started to build inside stomach and I could feel my breathing get sharper. Letting go of his prick he automatically shuffled forward to gain full entrance. I could feel his stomach starting to press against my raised thighs and block further entrance so I dropped my knees away from my chest and spread-eagled my legs. He further shuffled forward and as his belly slid above me I could feel him reach his limit as our pubic hairs meshed together. I was in heaven! I now had new cock up me and a new cock of a new old guy. Truly I was in heaven. Then he started his piston motion and was obviously feeling good about his new experience, actually fucking a willing woman. I could sense his cock swelling inside me, a good sign that he had more to give me, but I had to be watchful of him shooting his load inside my cunt because it was essential that he ejaculated into my mouth. I needed to taste his cum if I wanted to continue having sex with him. That's assuming he wanted to continue to see me. If I didn't like his sperm I had to let him know that this was just a one off. The rhythmic in and out of his cock was so soothing that I just lay back and closed my eyes to savor the incredible sensation between my legs. It wasn't long before I heard him taking short gasps and opening my eyes I could see his face starting to contort as his passion began to build. It was essential that I watched his orgasmic build up to prevent him shooting his load up my cunt. He was now showing real signs of reaching his climax."You need to come in my mouth" I persuaded him."I'll have to pull you out before you go too far" I said as I wriggled out from under him. His cock was standing really proud and the head was visibly protruding beyond his belly, glistening with my juices. Helping him to his feet, I could see he was visibly disappointed, but I took hold of his greatly enlarged penis which brought a smile to his face. It felt so hot and slippery."Move over to the table" I said as I got to my feet at the same time helping him off his knees. "Lean back against the table and try and sit on the edge. I think it will make it easier for me". Without hesitating he did as I suggested managing to get his bum on the edge with him supported on tip-toes. Remarkably he retained his stiff erection. Immediately I was on my knees looking straight at his rampant cock which was red and very hard."God, you're very hard" I said as I wrapped my fingers around its girth and gently squeezing it whilst rubbing its length up and down."Do you like me wanking you?" He couldn't answer but started to thrust into my fist. His groaning warned me that it wouldn't be long before it erupted. Licking a small globule that formed on the little cock slit, I had my first taste of his seminal fluid. What a pleasant surprise, it tasted sweet. I was now very excited at the prospect of what was to come. I slipped his cock head into my mouth in eager expectation and holding the shaft firmly I sucked up and down its length to force him to release his cum. His breathing became heavier and as he placed both his hands on the back of my head I knew he was on the brink of eruption. Pushing against his hands I was able to create a space between his cock head and the back of my throat so as not to gag if he shot a large wad. I felt his cock swell and there was a sudden burst of cum which hit the roof of my mouth, which I was able to contain whilst waiting for further squirts. However the next few ejaculations were of the oozing type which I also held until I felt he'd reached the end of his orgasm. All the while I watched his facial expressions as he poured his cream into my mouth. Still holding his cock tight with my lips I waited until it lost its stiffness and let it slip free. Then the real pleasure for me was the slow enjoyment of swirling the cum around my gums and squeezing it between my teeth to savor its taste and consistency. And the taste, oh the taste was so different to any other I had ever tasted before. The best I can describe it is a mix of pure honey and almonds which amazed me beyond belief. Allowing it trickle down my throat I couldn't believe that this was an old man's cum I was swallowing and not nectar from some exotic island.How can someone produce such a beautiful substance? I kept asking myself as I drank the remaining drops of his cum. I knew I had to hold onto this old man. Where could I get another supply of such amazing stuff. These thoughts were racing through my mind in the short time it took me to finish drinking down my precious load. As his cock shriveled down to almost nothing I licked off the small blobs of cum that oozed out and swallowed them down like a c***d trying to hang on to the last of some delicious sweet. A great sigh brought me to earth with a bang. Mr. Gibson was struggling to keep his balance. His orgasmic ordeal had weakened his legs as he struggled to hold onto the table. Jumping up I told him to put his arm around my neck which he did and I managed to get him to settee where he flopped down like a rag doll in an exhausted state. I sat beside him holding his hand. I was so worried that he might react to what had happened in a bad way and reject me for what I had done. Being exhausted, he slumped back and started to nod off. What could I do? I pondered. The first thing I should do was to get his trainer trousers back on in case someone came into the laundry, something until now I hadn't given one single thought to. Happily I managed to get his trousers on, albeit with a struggle to get him to lift his bum cheeks to slip them under him. Then I thought about the washing which had finished its cycle long ago. Having put both our washing loads into separate driers I sat back beside my sleeping friend and again took hold of his hand. Looking at him and thinking about what he had given me, I felt I was being drawn to him in a strong emotional way. This made me even more worried about how he was going to react to me when he came fully to his senses and realizing what had happened between us. I could only wait. I sat beside him listening to the gentle hum of the tumble driers, unable to read my book in spite of its erotic content. My mind was buzzing too much with the reality of these last minutes to be interested in fiction. It was about thirty minutes later that both driers ceased their cycles. Without disturbing my sleeping friend I slipped away from his side checking the dryness of my clothes I transferred them to my bin-bag before checking his load and transferring his shirts to his laundry bag and tying the tabs."That's very kind of you", came the voice from the bottom of the room."Oh my god, you frightened me" I spun around to see the old guy watching me. "I thought you were still snoozing"."It was the rustle of the bin-bag, but no problem, I can't stay here all day". He struggled to his feet and wandered over to me. Before I could say a word he took hold of my hand and said"Jenny I want to thank you so much for being so good to me". I tried to say something but he waved his hand and continued "Really Jenny you were wonderful to this old man and I don't know what I can do to thank you enough". This time I did interject."No, I must thank you. You just don't know happy you have made me. I've been looking for someone like you for a long, long time and here I find you in my own block of apartments".I could see he was puzzled by what I was saying. "Look, come and sit down for a few more minutes and I'll try and explain". It was half an hour later by the time I'd explained about my particular needs, about my preference for old men and about the love of real sperm with that special taste. He seemed fascinated about the stories of the old men I'd had during my past and how this had dried up the last few years until now and how I was afraid about his reaction to what I had done today."Listen," he said again taking hold of my hand, "Listen, you have done me great thing today. I was down in the depths and have been there for some while now. I'd given up a long time ago of ever meeting another woman least of all feeling good about sex again. I'll let you into a secret?, then bending forward as if to prevent anyone over-hearing he continued in a whisper, ?I've even given up wanking because I couldn't get any reaction. You are a wonderful person and thank you so much". He smiled at me. "Does this mean we can do this again sometime?" I asked him, now feeling shy at asking."I'd love that!" then he continued "Give me a ring this evening and we can talk a little, eh?" I was delighted at his suggestion. "What's your number?? I asked. He gave me the number but it was too long for me to remember and he saw wasn't catching it all."Tell you what, ask the lobby to put through to my apartment then we exchange our numbers then, OK"."Great" I said as we gathered our washing and made our way to our respective flats. Oh what joy!THE COFFEE INVITATIONOn my way up the stairs to Simon?s apartment I pondered on what surprise he had in store for me. He had often presented me with a little gift but on these occasions he never warned me of it but just produced it at an opportune moment. So what could it be this time? Standing outside his door I put my ear to it and was sure I could hear other voices as well as Simon?s coming from inside. ?But Simon is always very secretive about our liaisons? I said to myself almost out loud. Then I thought I?d misunderstood the coffee invite on this occasion and it was intended to be a social invite only. I must admit I was very disappointed at the thought of not getting my ration of nectar. I rapped on the door with my knuckles. ?Ah Jenny, there you are?.Simon swung the door open beckoning me in with a flowing hand. Following behind me into the living room he whispered in my ear,?I have some friends who I?d love you to meet.? Then he took me by the arm and guided me towards two seated men who both turned at our entrance and immediately stood up. ?Terry and David, this is my lovely friend from the third floor?.As I was introduced to Terry I noticed that he was a graying handsome guy about fifty years old and about five feet ten in height. When he shook my hand I could feel the strength in his arms and could see he was the athletic type. Giving me a very welcoming smile he kissed my cheek.?This is my son David? as he glanced towards his son who had all the same features of his father except for his blonde hair. He too was very fit looking and had a very disarming smile. ?Hi, you look really lovely? he said as he shook my hand and giving me a slightly lingering kiss on the cheek. I felt a tingle below, one that warned of sexual desire.?Come and sit down Jenny?. Simon ushered me to an arm-chair adjacent to where Terry and David where now sitting down. Immediately I was aware of my nakedness beneath my dress and kept my knees clamped together as a precaution not knowing the situation.?Coffee Jenny? Or would you like something a little stronger, maybe wine?? ?Oh! Err! Maybe I should have some wine to salute your friends?.?A wonderful idea? replied Simon as he opened the drinks cabinet behind him.?White or red???White, please Simon?.After he handed me my glass he offered the two men a top-up of their beer before sitting down in the armchair opposite to me.?Well! This all very cozy isn?t it?? said Simon as he raised his glass and we all joined in raising our drinks and saying,?Cheers!? Simon then told me the story of how Terry had started working for him from school and how he had little education and how he had gone to evening classes to learn company accountancy and how he was now head of the organizations accountancy department. All slightly boring foe me but all the while I was wondering why Simon had wanted to meet his two friends. I noticed certain aspects of his body language which was very engaging. Then Simon went on to describe how David had also joined the company from school and now ran one of the most successful of the shoe shops in the train of shops, and how he acted as trouble-shooter for the whole of the company..?Of course this all takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders now that I?m getting too old for all the responsibility any more.? ?Yeah!? remarked Terry ?More time to enjoy better things eh?? ?That?s right!? said Simon, glancing a look in my direction which I could see that Terry and David picked up on as they both gave half a glance towards me. I at this point had a curious thought ?Had Simon told them about us or was this just a figment of my imagination?? The conversation rolled around various subjects and a few more drinks were poured and all of us became more and more relaxed. At one point I noticed that Terry and David?s eyes glancing at my legs then I realized that my knees had slipped slightly apart as I relaxed. A funny feeling ran through my veins. I pretended not to have noticed their glances and remained seated as before. More and more I caught them both with their eyes momentarily fixed between knees. I allowed this to continue without changing my position.?I?ll get some more nibbles? declared Simon as he moved in the kitchen.After a few moments I rose from the chair.?If you?ll excuse me I?ll just go and give Simon a hand? and disappeared to help Simon. ?Simon? I said grabbing his elbow. ?Do Terry and David and know about us?? I whispered so the others couldn?t hear me. He just nodded with a great big grin on his face.?They guessed some weeks ago that there was something in my life that had changed me from what I was becoming?. Then coming closer to my ear he continued ?They are like family to me and it came out one day when I on a real high having just been with you?.?You mean you told them everything about us?? ?Well not everything? he whispered back ,?But I?m sure they?ve read between the lines. They have been really keen to meet you for a few weeks now and kept asking when you could come round?.? Wow!? I thought to myself. ?What should I do, Simon?? ?Well it?s up to you Jenny? and glancing back towards the living room further whispered ?Would you like to have a bit of fun with them???You?d let me?? I questioned him. ? Listen Jenny, you?ve told me a lot about your experiences and I know you love sex and I?m not your keeper am I???OK! I might do something, but it depends how I feel when I get back in there? I said nodding towards the living-room.?Jenny, just do your own thing. Whatever way you want to play things it?s OK by me. Don?t pressure yourself into anything OK?? I nodded then we both returned to the others with our plates of nibbles and sat down again. It took me a good while to consider what to do.?Excuse me while I go to the ladies? I suddenly said catching all three watching my knees as I struggled out of the low armchair. As I passed behind the settee and the dining table I noticed that the table was clear of everything and the two nearest chairs had been moved to the side wall. This was always done when I was ?invited for coffee? because I would perch my bum on the table when Simon licked my pussy before fucking me. Then I would lower myself onto my knees on the floor for him to cum in my mouth. A form of ritual we had built up over recent weeks. Normally the table would be set with a vase of silk flowers and photographs of his family. But all were gone and this to me was a clear indication that Simon was anticipating something happening. I smiled to myself as passed by and passed him a knowing glance. Not needing the loo, I just sat there thinking how to approach the situation. The best thing I decided was to be bold and do what I do for Simon to get him aroused.I re-entered the living-room with a little stealth and without Terry and David knowing, although Simon could see me out of the corner of his eye while chatting, I lifted my dress and raised myself onto the table. With my dress up to my waist I leaned back on my elbows and opened my legs fully to expose my very damp pussy. Simon, I could see, kept glancing across at me without giving anything away to Terry and David. When he knew I was ready Simon stood up and said to the two guys who were oblivious to what I was doing. ?Guys, if you turn round you?ll see a very beautiful sight?Both stood with eyes wide open and mouths agape as they both transfixed themselves at the sight of my open pussy which I now was holding open with both hands.?My God!? they both uttered almost in unison as they moved around towards the table.?Isn?t it a beauty?? said Simon also with fixed eyes. Terry who came to the table first went down on one knee to get a closer look still with staring eyes and open mouth. It took him a while before he blinked as if coming out of a dream.?Smell it? I said to him. He looked to Simon as if wanting his blessing.?Yeah! Go on smell her and give her a big lick? Simon said encouragingly.With a little hesitation he moved his head forward and made an audible sound as he sniffed in the aroma pouring form my very excited cunt. Then when his tongue touched my inner flesh I just had to let go of my lips and sink back onto my elbows to absorb the feel of his searching tongue. I knew I was groaning out loud. When I looked at Simon through my now glazed eyes I could see him blowing me kisses and smiling. Terry ,being more courageous, was now pulling my lips wide open as he probed and licked the length of my soaking slit. At one point I felt his tongue touch my anus which made me groan even more. ?Dad let me have a go now eh?? Terry was obviously reluctant but I murmured ?There?s a lot more to come yet?. Within seconds of him letting go, David was between my lips continuing where his father had left off. Father and son together! It was an unbelievable situation. Never before had I had a father and son together. David was every bit as good at lapping me and his tongue brought all sorts of sensations.Terry who had been watching his son devour my cunt was retrieving his cock from his fly and was about to stroke it. Not wanting him to get hard before I could suck it I gently pushed David away from between my legs and at the same time I slid off the table and onto my knees. ?I need to suck you hard, Terry? I said taking hold of his soft shaft.The head was quite bulbous even at this stage and his cock must have been about five inches as it hung out of his trousers. Another ?virgin cock? I thought to myself and the son?s too. First I licked around the big bulb, no foreskin, before slipping it into my mouth and rubbing my tongue around its smooth skin. It didn?t take long for the swelling to start and as the shaft lengthened and thickened so did the knob which started to fill my mouth and stretching my jaws. Searching for his ball sack I managed to release it from his trousers and shorts which now slipped down to his knees. Cupping the sack in my hand I gently jiggled the balls which increased the size of his knob still lodged in my mouth. ?You must fuck me now? I said looking up at him.His face was all flushed. Pulling his cock out of my mouth I climbed back onto the table pulling my dress well up I perched my arse on the edge and pulling his cock towards my open pussy I said ?Fuck me gently and you must not cum inside me, do you understand?? He nodded and just stared at me totally mesmerized. ?You must cum in my mouth, do hear?? he just kept nodding. ?Do you hear me? You must cum in my mouth not in my cunt.?.?Yesss!? was all he could mutter as I fed his raging organ to my pussy lips.?Slip it into me?. I whispered, but he didn?t need any encouragement as he eased forward filling me right to the hilt in one smooth movement. Oh the feeling of a new cock. That feeling of ?Virgin cock? always sends shivers through me. Quickly I slipped my dress off my shoulders exposing my breasts.?Touch my tits. Caress them for me?.He needed no encouragement as he cupped them in both hands kneading them gently. Then he played with my nipples which now sticking out like rose buds about to burst open. I was on my way to paradise. Our eyes held contact as we both climbed the staircase to ecstasy. Our hips gyrated together. Then as he pulled out to the head I could see the shaft coated in my cunt juice.?Terry, slip back in me. Put it right up until our hairs touch and hold still. I want to feel you possessing me completely.? I lay back and put my legs around his waist to hold him firmly and closed my eyes.?Mmmm!? I could hear him murmuring all the while we were still and locked in sex. He couldn?t hold still for too long as he started to slowly gyrate his cock around my channel. Then I sensed a swelling in his shaft.?Don?t move? I ordered him, rising back onto my elbows. ?You?re going to cum?? He nodded in resignation.?Hold on?. I grabbed his waist with both hands and eased his penis out at the same time as I slipped off the table and sank to my knees in front of him. I could see his knob was extremely swollen and the shaft was extra hard. No sooner had I got his knob into my mouth than it was spilling its sperm all over my tongue, filling my mouth with his hot liquid. There was no huge spurt just a lava flow as it erupted into every cavity of my mouth. I clamped my lips behind the ridge of the cap and waited for the flow to subside. Then only when the head started to shrink did I allow myself to swill his cream around my mouth to get the full sense of taste before swallowing everything he gave me. Looking up at him I could see the passion on his face as he went through his orgasm. It was then that I glanced at his son, David, who looked absolutely transfixed. Was this the first time he had seen his father?s cock or was it the first time he?d seen him fuck or was he stunned for his mother?s sake watching his father fuck another woman? I couldn?t tell. Acting quickly I grabbed the front of his trousers and rummaged for his fly. This seemed to shake him out of his semi trance and helped me pull the zipper down, all the while watching me with his father?s cock still in my mouth. Feeling around inside I pulled aside the leg of his underwear and taking hold of his semi-hard flesh I pulled it through the opening of his trousers to full view. Unlike his fathers, his was uncut and the head was half uncovered by the foreskin which I slipped back to see the full beauty of his cock-head. Almost immediately his erection rose to full strength after only a few strokes with my hand. His focus was still on his fathers prick in my mouth and he still wore that stunned look on his face. At the same time as I gently moved my hand up and down his full erection, I let his father?s cock, now soft, slip from my mouth ,which I opened wide to show them both that all the cum had been swallowed. However Terry was too exhausted to notice too much as he fell back looking for support of the settee behind him where he could only hold on with his hands with his limp cock hanging down against his drooping ball sack. Not to waist any time I shuffled across in front of David and placed my mouth over his knob-end and sucked hard. Having taking his eyes away from his father?s deflated cock and realizing that I was now sucking his, he reacted by cupping my head in his hands and holding my head down and pushing his stiff meat all the way to the back of my throat. I resisted slightly so as not to gag when the head hit base.?Mmmm, yesss!? was all he kept murmuring as I sucked and licked him. Slipping his cock out of my mouth and standing up whilst still holding his cock in my hand, I whispered in his ear ?Now it?s your turn to fuck me, and I need you to fuck me like you?ve never fuck any one before.?Pulling him by the cock, I hitched myself onto the table again spreading my legs at the same time and guided his length to my sopping opening. ?Come you fucker, fuck this aching cunt of mine? I demanded as I fed into me.With one mighty thrust he hit my cervix which jolted me with a slight pain, but I didn?t let on. I just wanted him to fuck my mind as well as my thumping hole. Instinctively he grabbed my tits and massaged them quite roughly until he saw me wincing.?Sorry? he whispered as took hold of my nipples which he rolled between his fingers much more tenderly. I lay back on the table to absorb the a****l experience I was going through. But it didn?t last long as I suddenly felt a warm glow inside me and I knew he was spewing his sperm into my vagina. When I tried to rise up to stop him, I felt the resistance of his hands on my hips as he continued to pour his cream into me.?So sorry!? he mumbled over and over as he held me firm and jerked as his orgasm took his body over. I could see his eyes rolling as he went through the final stages of his ejaculation. I lay back in resignation and thought how worked up he must have been, having watched his father first fuck me and then cum in my mouth. I realized that he had no chance in controlling himself under those circumstances and there was no point in showing disappointment in not being able to take him in my mouth as I wanted.When he had finally come down to earth and between repeated apologies, his shrinking penis slipped out and slapped the head in the table between my legs where it lay lifeless. ?Listen, David it?s all ok, I understand?. Rising to sitting position I took hold of his deflated cock and gently caressed it before offering it back to him to put away into his trousers.?Don?t worry, I know you couldn?t help it and I thought you were great. You are a lovely fuck, just look at your cum oozing out onto the table!? I dipped my fingers into it and tasted it. ?Mmmm! You taste so great?. Then I used my fingers to scoop cum out of my spread lips and was able to taste a good deal before I couldn?t reach any more.?David your cum is beautiful. Pity I couldn?t get to blow you, that would have so wonderful?. Looking at Terry I could see he had recovered and had his hand on David shoulder.?Wasn?t that such a great experience son?? Then patting his son?s shoulder he continued, now looking towards Simon who all this time had taken a back seat to let his friends have all the fun.?Simon you?re a real mate to allow us to have such a great time with Jenny?. Then turning to me he added ?Jenny! You?re just great!? I smiled and mouthed a ?thank you? before indicating to him that David was still in a state of exhaustion.?Oh! He?ll be just great?.I couldn?t help being greatly surprised to see that Simon already was holding his trousers with one hand whilst stroking a full blow erection with the other. He stood grinning with a grin the size of the Cheshire cat?s. You see on every occasion when we have got together he could never get an erection until I had fondled his penis and sucked it into life. But here he was in full array and it could only because he had been watching Terry and his son David fuck me in front if him. But also I knew that the fact that David had shot his cum into me meant that he could fuck an already juiced-up cunt, something he had confided in me was one of his fantasies.?Simon you?ve got a beautiful looking hard-on. I think it?s about time you and I got it together, don?t you think?? giving him a broad grin.?I thought you?d never ask!? he shuffled towards the table with a cheeky look in his eye.?You?ve been very patient waiting for your friends to fuck me? I teased. Spreading my legs for the third time I lay back. ?Come on Simon put your lovely cock right up inside me. Put that beautiful head into David cum and squelch it all around. Let me feel you churning it all around the walls of my cunt?.He slipped in so easily. I could hear a squelching sound as he moved passed my lips and pushed his way up my well lubricated passage where he held still.?Mmmm, Simon you feel so good inside me?.?God Jenny you?re such a whore, you drive me mad?. I lifted my head and grinned at him.?Yeah Simon I am YOUR whore. Look, we?re being watched by your friends. You?re being watched fucking me.? I wriggled my arse to tease him further.?You?re fucking me in your friend?s cum. Does that turn you on?? I was determined to drive him wild with my dirty talk.?Does that feel good? All that cum swirling around your cock. Some other guy?s sperm floating around your penis and drenching your balls?? I had to lead him on. He had to have the best fuck with me so far. I wanted him to lose control and blow his mind in front of his pals. I wanted them to be jealous of what Simon and I have together.?Jenny, talking like this is going to make me shoot inside you. If you want to drink you?ll have to stop talking dirty or I?ll lose it altogether?. I didn?t reply as I knew I was torn between Simon shooting his load up me or showing them how I drink down his special scream, which is the reason why I?m here with him in the first place. Allowing Simon just to continue his gentle thrusting I remained silent and let my body take in the erotic vibes and watching Terry and David watching us. Simon over the time we had this relationship had lost a great amount of his beer gut and as a result he was getting a deeper penetration. The feeling of him pressing against my cervix gave me such incredible pleasure. However this pleasure didn?t last too long.?Sorry babe! Can?t help it! I?m going to shoot?.Pulling out, he grunted?Quick, give me your mouth! Quick! Quick!? I slid off the table like greased lightning and only just got the tip of his angry looking knob between my lips when he was shooting fierce wads of cum right to the back of my throat. I?d never know him to spurt so fiercely before and so copiously. Simon was so turned on it was amazing to see him in such a state. Luckily I managed to take his full load, drinking down as fast as he filled me up. He?d never given me so much cream in all the time we?d been together and I was overwhelmed at his heightened condition. All the time he was ejaculating into my mouth he was groaning all sorts of weird things as his body stiffened like a board. I could hear the two guys who were watching making sounds of amazement. I too was overwhelmed at the amount I had to swallow.It seemed a long time before Simon?s cock softened and his orgasm subsided as I held his penis firmly between my lips before it slipped out and shrank back to normal. He was in a near state of collapse. Holding him firmly by the hips until I got to my feet and with the help of Terry, who by then was the most recovered of father and son, we guided Simon to the nearest armchair where he sank down like an old sack. He lay there mumbling something inaudible with his shrunken cock hanging over his sagging ball sack and his trousers below his knees. A picture of orgasmic bliss, I thought. But what about me! I hadn?t reached my orgasm throughout all of this and in spite of three wonderful fucks was much in need of release. My pussy was raging and inflamed and was crying out to be finished off like the three guys who?d had me. I sat in the armchair opposite Simon and raising my dress I managed to wank myself to an incredible cum, spilling cunt juice and whatever cum was still inside me all over my fingers and onto the front of the chair. Then a black curtain fell over me. When I came to, all three of my lovers had their eyes glued between my still wide open legs.?Phew! Guys, what a day! Did I make much noise?? I was greeted with almost silence but with nodding heads and beaming smiles. As I struggled to raise myself up from my slumped position, Terry hastily held my arm in assistance saying?You?re bloody amazing. Thanks for a great experience?.As I sat up and arranged my dress I couldn?t stop myself from grinning profusely at them. What a great time I?d had with them and kept thanking them. Then there was a period of silence as if nobody in the room knew what to say. It was all very strange. Then Terry chirped up.?Know what! I fancy a good old fashioned cuppa!? ?Well, that?s one way to finish off a???A gang-bang? said I cutting off Simon in mid-sentence. ?That?s exactly what I was going to say? replied Simon looking very pleased.Not long after this I decided to take my leave and leave them to themselves not wishing to prolong any post orgasmic conversation. But not before it was suggested that we try this again some-time. Simon seemed happy to agree so I went along with the idea and left with kisses and hugs all around.It has been many weeks since that day and I have continued my relationship with Simon as before but nothing has been mentioned about meeting his friends. My thoughts are that there may be an uncomfortable situation between Terry and his son, possibly because of David?s mother or because David himself was married too.
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