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Real story my arab hıjab wıfe wıth my boss

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REAL STORY MY ARAB HIJAB WIFE WITH MY BOSSi am nico 35 year from Sacramento california , am working in softwere company ,i am white my wife is arab from syria she is 26 year, i given my wife to my boss...... my companies effect economic crisis , my boss protect my job, he is 48 year old man ,4 week befeore he saw my wife in my office and he told me, you ara a luky man you got a beautiful arab hijab wife ,and i am realy like ur wife, iam realy wanna meet ur wife and dinner with her ,ididnt say nothin,because of my situation , he told me these words evey day , I know that boss have some kind of sexual fantasy , didn?t talk about my wife, after 1 week I pland , I know that agust 30th she wanna report immigration office, I told my wife I wanna go to detroit in 30th its an important conference, come after 2 days andi convince her, I talk my boss abut my plan leveing for one day u will take care of my wife (he got that point) and talk about the immigration office, he tell me I will take care of her dodnt worry,30th morning 8ock taxy come to my home and she walk with me near car , I told her my boss come here and pick u at immigartion office , he have friend there it make essy for ur paper work, I get insde taxy I told her I call u when I get there, after one to two block of my home , I told drive plz drop me any rent a car service office, and I pick car window dark glass , chage my dress,wear sunglass,and cap wait near to my home for better viewAfter 10ock my boss come to my home, weare nice suite ,he press the door bell ,she come and oppend door, he get inside , suddenly they are come out, she wearing attractive black tight hijabi dress and makeup, get his car front seat, he start his car. In that time I slowly start my car ,and following them , I can see ,they talking very friendly, after some time they reached immigration office going both of them, I wait near parking area, after 1ock they come outside , I look at my wife face she is very happy. They are talking each other,they leaving there ,and I am follwing, they stop in restaurant , I park opposite restaurant ,they site near to window that y I can see properly, she pick her phone calling someone agin and agin that was me I didn?t take call, she look sad at me can feel that, he continue talking she also start interesting to talking him, enjoy there foods, after some time they out to the restaurant they can walk near shopping mall ,I following them keep distance , she again pick phone from her bag and calling me, I didn?t took callThey walking in shopping mall talk each other, get in some shop after some time they out she carrying some shopping bags, I know that he buy somethin for her I follwing ,during walking he take bag from her, he just tuch and try to hold her hand, she didn?t intrestd holding his hand ,he looking sad walk fast,then she pick phone again calling me I didn?t take, in that time she madly switch off mobile throwing her bag and then she walking to him , holding hand tightly, he look very happy and smiled ,after 5.30pm they walk out side the mall to parking area,they talk each other seriously at last he smiled , he took bag in back seat, she get in front seat he start driving , Iam sart driving and follwing, he driving fast , he change the direction of my home and getting highway to San Francisco he driving more fast, after 6.30 he stop car near shop, and he going to buy somethin and come back start driving , I remember that he got beach villa at Presidio , I was go once with him, I know that they going to his villa,after 7.20 they reached Presidio , agin he stop car near to beer shop, some bottle and come back ,He driving near to costal area and reach his villa park car and they get in there he swich on lights , I am park car near road and walk to his villa wait beach, I call her mobile swiched off , after few minute she coming out balcony sit in chair, he smiling come in with two glass siting near her chair and one glass give to her, she rejected , I know that she never drink I am give to her many times, he talk again and given agin , this time she take glass take just one sip he forced her again she drink full of glass, he took bottle pour the drink again that she drink fast, he pour the drink again to the glass , he flirting her she also enjoying , he slowly touch her hand movie upward touch her cheeks touch finger her lips and move she also get mood he kiss her lip kiss hardly with using tongue , then they stand up he took her with his both hand and kissing continue, walking down stairs , I slowly walk to near his window ,he put her in couch, slowly open butten of her hijab dress, she look like drunk ,he remove her veil slowly touch her hair kiss hardly to lip bite her lips, and press her boobs remove her bra suck her tits and bite nipples slowly , that time she close her eyes bite her lip self, he continue kissing her titsHe turning back kiss her neck, then she slowly remove her panty, he slap her butt and kiss ass bite it then he remove his dress , pick her hand to touch his dick she move slowly ,she sit and starting suck her dick deep, using her tongue suck his balls , then he put her to couch suck her pussy she make sound loudly ,then he stand open bag take some net type of sexy clothings she wear that he help her , take some pictures from his mobile, she pos in pictures,he took picture with her, suddenly she kiss him again he drop his mobile , he kiss take her to bedroom she is laying on bed kiss all of her body he put his dick to her vagina penetrate hardly she make sound he move fast and fast , he change her position entre from her back , after fuck he put his dick in to her mouth and cum on her face she drink it,both of them tired in bed , I am stand up walk car I am look my watch 2.30am time , I am start car reach in motel ,Sunday morning after 10ock I called her , I can get it she reached home ,I told her my phone chare off that?s y I didn?t call u sorry, she didn?t say nothin , I told her I come eveningI am reached home act like normally, she also, Monday morning I am at office boss look happy to me he show me some pictures, he told me he never forgot that night with beautiful arab girl , I didn?t tell him , he don?t know I was there , saw all, I wanna tell this any one that?s y , thats all friends
04-07-2021, at 11:11 AM

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