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AwakeningsChapter 4AnjelicaIsabella did not want to let go of him. She wanted to lie like that forever, feeling his weight on top of her. Her feelings for this man had become stronger and deeper within the last month and she couldn't quite believe she was lying here with him breathing in his scent, his smell and feeling his body close to hers. She felt secure and safe with him yet vulnerable and exposed. So far the evening had been wonderful. The sight of him in his dinner suit was breath-taking and the way he was so attentive to her during dinner made her feel so special. He really did care for her. After a couple of minutes they unravelled themselves and attempted to tidy themselves up before re-joining the evening. Isabella picked up her dress which she found in a heap next to her feet and slithered back into it, she fixed her make-up and hair and was confident that she looked acceptable again. Her legs felt like jelly and she was very aware of her pussy and the after effects of their love making only moments ago. She could feel his warmth leaking out of her and again used the borrowed napkin to tidy herself up.Daniel held out his hand to her. A strong hand that she knew would be able to catch her if she fell. They smiled at each other and walked back out to the noise and excitement of the evening. 'Would you like a drink, Isabella' Daniel asked as they headed over to the bar. 'I would love one, thank you' she said, her head still reeling with the multiple orgasms she had just experienced. Never in her life had she come several times like that. He was obviously so tuned into her body and knew exactly how to push her buttons. And she liked it, she really liked it. Feeling a little self-conscious that her dress was straight and her hair tidy they walked back to their table with a bottle of champagne and glasses, Daniel leading the way confidently through the crowds. The beautiful German girl was at the table talking to a middle aged man who obviously fancied her and kept touching her arm every time he spoke. Weirdly, it made Isabella feel jealous. She was stunning and Isabella remembered the spontaneous kiss they had shared earlier that evening. That was the first time she had ever kissed a girl. It was gentle yet passionate, eager yet relaxed. It was everything she thought it would be and more. Anjelica was obviously very experienced and in touch with her sexuality and needs.?Anjelica, isn't it?? Isabella said as she passed Anjelica a glass of champagne, their fingers touched in passing and Isabella felt a surge of excitement run through her. Why is this woman having this effect on her? She had never been attracted to another woman before. She had often fantasized but never had she felt an attraction like this with another ?real? girl. She took a moment to observe Anjelica. Her hair was a light brown and fell softly down her back; she had a small mole above her eyebrow and on her neck, both very cute. She wore a sexy strapless silver dress with a ruched diamante detail at the waist, it finished just above the knee showing off her beautiful long legs. Her skin was milky and pale but she had a soft glow in her cheeks. Her eyes were kind, friendly and trusting. She realized Daniel had been watching her, watching Anjelica. He squeezed Isabella?s thigh and gave a persuasive nod in Anjelica's direction.?Yes, and you are Isabella? she said in a soft voice. Isabella nodded and surprised herself by touching her neck and slowly taking her hand down to her cleavage. Angelica noticed and watched with lust as their eyes locked intently. ?I saw you and Daniel leave the room just now. I was hoping you would come back? she said flicking a glance at Daniel. ?The way the two of you danced earlier, it was... well... intoxicating.? Isabella smiled, blushing slightly. The champagne was definitely taking effect and she felt confident and sexy. She didn?t quite believe what she said next. ?Shall we take this champagne up to your room so we can talk properly away from this noise??Anjelica smiled, a knowing smile, and simply said ?Yes, I think we should. Remember, room 327.? She stood up and walked away glancing over her shoulder at them as she left. Isabella noticed her figure and the elegant way she held herself as she walked.?Are you sure you want this?? Daniel said stroking her cheek. ?Yes, I am? Isabella said simply. She reached up to Daniel?s hand on her cheek and covered her hand over his. She breathed him in and leaned forward and kissed him sensually on the lips, her tongue exploring his, her hand grasping the back of his head pulling him close to her. She loved kissing him, their mouths moved together naturally and she started to feel an ache between her legs. Her thoughts momentarily wondered to Josh. Could she really do this? She so wanted to and really wanted Daniel to be involved in her first sexual experience with a woman. She knew it would turn him on and she wanted to please him in any way she could. Josh had never entertained the idea of a threesome and sex with him was always the same, no excitement, no thrills, no surprises. Maybe she and Josh were just not compatible as lovers. All she knew at this moment in time was her desire for Anjelica and Daniel...together. They wondered up the stairs, checking the room numbers carefully as they went. She could sense Daniels excitement at the thought of what might unfold tonight. She was also very excited but nervous too. What if she couldn't do it? What if she had to leave? She took another sip of her drink and tried to relax. She felt sexy and desirable as she mentally prepared herself for the most incredible experience of her life.They eventually reached room 327. Isabella gently knocked on the door. Daniel lovingly stroked the small of her back and it glided down over the silk of her dress to her perfect bottom as they waited for the door to open. The door opened and there she was. "Come in? Anjelica breathed. She planted a very gentle but sure kiss on Isabella's lips pushing them apart with her tongue, her hand reaching for her waist and stroking the fabric. Daniel?s hand did not leave Isabella and he too made small circles with the palm of his hand. This initial contact with them both was electrifying and made Isabella forget all her worries as she followed Anjelica further into her room. She noticed immediately the scent of jasmine and the lights were dimmed, the room tidy with just some of Anjelica's belongings on show. Daniel sat himself down, resting the champagne and glasses on the side table. He watched the girls intently and noticed the way they moved around each other, elegantly, sexy, provocatively, confidently like they knew exactly what to do they were just waiting for the perfect moment. Anjelica led Isabella to the bed and perched on the end and stroked the space next to her. ?Come and sit with me Isabella, I want you close to me? she said with a sparkle in her eye. Isabella took a deep breath and followed, slowly sitting on the bed, their knees touching. They both had long hair but the contrast between Anjelica's light brown hair and Isabella's dark brown hair was striking and Daniel sighed with pleasure as he watched the scene unfold. Anjelica lifted her left hand and placed it on Isabella's knee, her other hand reached up and stroked the hair away from Isabella's face showing off her true beauty. Her hand followed the line of her chin, down her neck, past her collar bone and cautiously cupped her breast, rubbing her thumb over where she thought her nipple would be. She found it perfectly and it made Isabella moan, her nipple puckering against the fabric of her dress. Anjelica was clearly in charge and leading the way, much to Isabella's relief. She looked over at Daniel who was clearly enjoying the show, the top two buttons of his shirt were undone and he had kicked off his shoes and he was touching his swelling cock through his trousers. The sight of him turned Isabella on even more and she found the confidence to find the zip at the side of Anjelica's dress. She pulled it down, the noise ripping through the tension in the air. Anjelica stood up and carefully let the dress fall to the floor revealing a strapless lace bra, lace g-string and 4 inch stiletto heels. Isabella lapped up Anjelica's beauty as she stroked her thighs with both hands, reaching the tops of her legs. ?Do you feel OK Isabella?? she asked with concern as she put her hands on top of Isabella's. ?Oh yes, I feel great!? she breathed as she grasped the halter neck of her own dress and pulled it up and over her head, she stood up and she too allowed her dress to drop to the floor. Her hair cascaded down over her breasts and tickled her nipples. Anjelica smiled and licked her lips as she saw her breasts for the first time. Isabella hadn't put on her g-string from earlier and so she was completely naked, apart from her stockings, suspenders and shoes?exposed, vulnerable to Anjelica and Daniels eyes. Her pussy ached and her nipples hardened from the intensity that was that moment. Daniel moaned and bit his lip as he continued to watch. This moment was for Isabella, everything was about her and he wanted to let her be the star of the show and so he observed from the periphery to let the evening unfold naturally. Anjelica stood up to join her. She removed her bra and watched Isabella as she took in the sight of her full breasts and her dark pointed nipples. Isabella stepped closer and kissed her on the lips, their tongues touching, exploring their mouths. For a brief second their nipples touched and Isabella gasped as the heightened sensitivity raced down to her pussy; the wetness and ache increasing with this brief but erotic touch. ?Lie down on the bed Isabella? Anjelica commanded as she glanced at Daniel. Isabella did as she was told and lay on her back; Anjelica followed and knelt next to her. ?Close your eyes darling? Anjelica whispered as she retrieved a bottle of massage oil from her bed side table. ?I want you to relax and lie still, don't think about anything, just focus only on my touch?.?Just focus on your touch? Isabella repeated dreamily and she closed her eyes and succumbed to this powerful, sexy woman. Anjelica started with her feet and ankles first, massaging them, stroking them, feeling every muscle. She worked her way up her calves and thighs to the tops of her legs. Isabella was aching for her to touch her there, between her legs, so she could feel her wetness and warmth. But Anjelica moved on up to her tummy and sides, feeling every curve as she moved up to her shoulders. She arched her back and pushed her breasts higher in the air, her nipples hard and ready to be touched but Anjelica still did not touch her there. Isabella moaned with frustration as Anjelica worked her way down her arms to her fingertips. ?How was that Isabella? Was that nice?? Isabella had to clear her throat to speak ?yes? she stumbled tamely, ?that was fantastic?. She sat up mirroring Anjelica's kneeling position. ?Where do you want me to touch you now darling?? Anjelica purred. Isabella reached out for Anjelica's hands and placed them firmly on her breasts, she closed her eyes and relished the feeling of another woman?s hands, stroking, squeezing her nipples with her thumbs and fore fingers. Suddenly Anjelica bent down and took them in her mouth, sucking, licking, teasing. She looked over to Daniel who was watching them with lustful eyes. He had unbuttoned his shirt to his wait and unzipped his trousers. He was clearly happy just watching and was enjoying studying Isabella explore her new-found sexuality. Anjelica gently pushed Isabella down onto her back again and kissed her tummy, her belly button, her pubic bone and?Oh God...finally touched her there. Isabella willingly parted her legs and moaned with ecstasy as Angelica started to lick and tantalise her clitoris. Her tongue, lapping up her wetness, gently sucking and biting the folds of her skin. 'Oh god' Isabella moaned, her breathing quickening and becoming louder. Anjelica slowly inserted two fingers inside her and immediately found her G-spot, that area that felt so good to the touch. She continued sucking and licking her swollen clit, the sound of her wetness making it all the more erotic. Isabella arched her back and pinched her own nipples as the feeling started to build ?Keep going, that feels so good? she breathed at Anjelica. Anjelica looked up and smiled, satisfied that Isabella was enjoying the moment. Isabella?s breathing had become faster and her pulse was racing; she could feel the sweat on her chest and her cheeks were pink. ?Come for me Isabella, I know you can do it, I can feel you, you are beautiful and I want to feel you come for me.? With those words, Isabella let go and came hard, harder than she had ever done before. Her pussy throbbed and pulsated violently, she closed her eyes and revelled in the best orgasm she had ever experienced in her life!After she had come down from her moment of ecstasy, Anjelica crawled up towards her and kissed her lovingly on her lips. ?Thank you? Isabella breathed ?that was ? just fantastic?. She felt elated. Anjelica smiled ?I?m glad you enjoyed it, darling. Tonight was all about you Isabella. My aim was to make you come harder than you have ever come before. And I think I succeeded.? She shot a smile to Daniel who grinned knowingly back. Then she kissed Isabella again and slowly stood up and retrieved her dress from the floor, put it on and rearranged her hair in the mirror.?I am going to re ?join the guests downstairs. You?re welcome to stay in my room for a while longer if you like? as she suggestively glanced at Daniel. ?Oh God?Daniel!? Isabella thought; she had momentarily forgotten about him in the throes of her orgasm. As Anjelica left the room, blowing them a kiss goodbye, Isabella walked over to him, still naked and still wearing her stockings and heels. She wanted to pleasure Daniel the same way Anjelica had just done for her. She bent forwards and pulled at his trousers and boxers, freeing his cock, rigid and swollen. She was still wet and wanted him to feel it. She straddled him and slowly lowered herself onto him, feeling every inch of him pushing into her. He gasped and watched as he disappeared inside her. His hands grasped her hips and she threw her head back and started to move rhythmically, her breasts moved with her movements and he watched in awe. The night was theirs.They had shared something that evening that could never be taken away. Isabella had bared her soul in front of him and she felt closer to him than any other man she had met. It was like they were kindred spirits, like they had known each other in a previous life, they were now one with each other and it felt like ?.. home!TO BE CONTINUED ...
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