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Ana cheats with a neighbor

Post #1

Ana cheats with a neighborTuesday morning my loving wife left for her office just ten minutes earlier than me. She said she was in a hurry and had to run for the bus stop.I was still sipping my coffee when I saw Anita?s cell phone on the kitchen.Knowing that my wife would really need it during the day, I decide to run after her to the bus stop, just four blocks away and bring her that phone?When I arrived there I saw Ana still waiting at the bus stop, but I could not cross the street on the red light, over a busy intersection across from her. I waited for the light to change. In the meantime, an old pickup truck pulled over at the bus stop close to my wife. I recognized it as a neighbor's truck. That was a huge black guy whom I barely knew. To my surprise, Ana smiled as she got in; they then pulled away. So, I decided to follow them, still hoping I could handle the cell phone to my wife?The traffic light finally changed to green. I had to follow them for a short distance, when I saw my neighbor lean back in his seat. He looked like he raised his hips, and he made a motion with both of his arms as if he had pulled down his pants. Could I be imagining this?? My loving wife was looking down to his lap. I then saw his arm reach toward Ana and he tried to grab her hand. She retracted from his grip with a quick jerk back. Her head was shaking no, but she continued staring at some exciting attraction her partner has exposed. The man again reached over to her and pulled her hand toward his lap. I knew my sexy wife had given in; she let her hand go, moving closer to him.Ana had her body postured toward his, with her arms pumping in rhythm ahead of her. He was saying something to her; she was nodding in agreement. I decided to drop back a short distance to watch them?The old pickup slowed and turned to enter a parking lot. I found a decent spot to follow the whole action. I saw them locked in a passionate kiss. He then grasped Anita by the hair and pushed her head down to his lap. She disappeared from my view and did not come back up. His head tilted back on the rest and was turning side to side. Then I had no doubt: my wife was sucking his black cock...The black man?s head bounced on the headrest with his mouth open and eyes closed. Suddenly I saw Ana popping back up, wiping her lips, and licking her fingers. She had not only sucked his dick; but she had also swallowed his cum?Then the black man started his truck, turned onto the highway, and headed back to the bus stop. I followed them; figuring he would drop her off there. But I was wrong. They passed the stop and turned onto our street. Then I knew the blowjob in the parking lot was to kill time; they were waiting for me to leave our house; they were thinking now I was off at work and they could continue with this affair in my own home. He drove into our driveway and my wife got out and opened the garage.I parked up the street and walked to our house very silently; slipping in the back way, I could hear their voices coming from the living room.I spied on them from the dining room. Our neighbor, Fred, was sitting on my own recliner. Anita was fully naked, kneeling between his legs. She was stroking his cock, which was at least ten inches long. A thick shaft too, with blue veins branching out, and crowned with a pink head huge sized?Ana was moaning as she was rubbing her face all over his throbbing cock, kissing the crown, and licking the shaft. Her mouth opened wide for his cock. I watched her blow him."You are going to make me come in your mouth again, bitch? go easy?That bastard said to my sexy wife. Then Ana surprised me by telling him:?I love your black cock. I want you to fuck me. I will do anything you ask."Fred then grabbed my wife?s hair between his rude fingers and made her stand up. He held her by the waist as Ana straddled his torso. I could see her soaking crotch. Her pussy lips were dripping her sweet juices?Then I watched Anita taking that magnificent black cock as she aimed it toward her dripping pussy. Then, and much to my amazement, she eased down over that big fucker, and it split her pussy wide open. She was breathless to speak, making intelligible grunting sounds, as she got impaled herself onto that huge black serpent..."Oh, I am cumming already. I'm going to come!" My wife shouted out, while fucking on his giant cock. She had an intense orgasm, before his cock had fully penetrated her?there still were four more inches yet to go in."My pussy is stretching open more, each time we fuck. I am your slut?Anita moaned as she was bouncing up and down onto that huge black dick.?You know how much I need this black cock; please, fuck me harder Fred!?Then Ana screamed as she came again. Her pussy had reached the base of his cock, and she bounced hard and fast on top of him. She came a third time, while Fred was sucking her nipples and slapping her ass cheeks.Fred picked my wife up and laid her down on the floor, with his hard dick still buried in her wet pussy. The bastard pounded hard into her, making her scream and cry in pleasure, before she shuddered in another orgasm. "Please, keep fucking me harder, Fred. You make my pussy feel so good" Ana begged him, as she almost went to tears. The black bastard did fuck her to another screaming orgasm. He then pulled his hard cock out of her pussy, which was coated with her creamy juices?He told her he was ready to come. Then Ana jerked his black cock, while she sucked on the head. "That's it; make me come, bitch? yeah!?The head of his black cock got more swollen, just before the first streamer of cum shot out and landed on my beautiful wife's face. She sat there, with her eyes looking up to him, and both her hands jacking-off his cock onto her own face. He stood over her, shooting several rapid spurts of cum, covering her hair, face and boobs. She put that cock back in her mouth for the rest of his cum.I went out of the house, when I heard Fred tell her he must leave for his job. He said he would return in the afternoon to fuck my sexy wife again. I spent the afternoon buying surveillance equipment. When I got home at early evening, my sweet wife ready to go out. She just explained that her girlfriend Helena had invited her to have dinner outside.May be they would go to a fast food place; because Helena needed to tell Ana some private stuff and so they both wanted to be alone?I thought all this matter was a bluff and my hot wife was just going to cross the street to fuck for a nice while with her lover Fred.I started to prepare my own dinner at the kitchen; when Ana blew me a kiss from the front door and left.Fifteen minutes later I confirmed my worst fears; when that naughty Helena called home asking for my wife. I told her Ana was supposed to be having dinner in a fast food restaurant with her?!!Helena suddenly stayed quiet and then that fucking bitch hanged the phone.Instead of thinking my horny wife was being fucked hard across the street, I saw this as an opportunity for me to set up the surveillance equipment?While they were fucking in the morning, I had heard their plan for a next rendezvous at our house; including some of Fred?s good friends?I was planning to watch and film her filthy affair with those men. I bought two cameras and three microphones. I put one camera in the living room and the other in the bedroom. One microphone was hidden under the coffee table, another above the bed, and the third was planted in her purse. All the surveillance equipment was tested fine and I could view both rooms from my laptop. Before ten o?clock my cell phone rang. It was Anita, telling me she had made another plan for the night: She was waiting for me at the local disco.I drove to that place; I was sure I was going to find my horny wife with some male company. And I was not wrong this time?Instead of her naughty girlfriend Helena; my wife was sat at a table with our neighbor Fred and two other men. One of them was a huge black guy.Ana spotted me and jumped up from her seat; giving me a big hug.Then I asked for Helena, but she said her girlfriend did not show up?She introduced me to her ?new? friends. I already knew Fred; the other black guy was Samuel and the blonde one was Michael.We all shook hands and I said: "I hope you are showing Ana a good time".Fred laughed and said my wife had worn out them at the dance floor.I then looked to Ana, telling her I would be sitting at the bar?Alone at my own table, far from them, I put in the earpiece for the microphone planted in Ana?s purse. I could hear them saying I seemed like a nice guy and maybe I would not suspect anything going on between them.?We are going to fuck you all day, bitch? you will not be able to stand after? One of them told Ana and I heard her laughing?"You are starting to scare me? just remember I am a married woman?" Anita said, but they all laughed and I recognize Fred?s voice warning her:"You promised me, bitch? or I will never let you see my black dick again?. I went to the men?s room and when I came back I saw that black guy Samuel holding my wife close to him at the dance floor. His large, black hands were caressing Anita?s voluptuous ass. I moved my seat at the bar to where I could see their booth. They danced through two songs and came back to the table.Ana sat down between Michael and Samuel. Then Fred asked her if she had felt Samuel?s huge dick as they danced? She replied that it had felt warm and hard rubbing against her ass cheeks?Then I looked her both arms were going underneath the table.Her facial expression said it all. I heard her saying that she was squeezing two huge hard dicks at the same time?Then Fred asked her if she was wearing panties and Ana said she was not, as he had ordered her before leaving our home?The bastard insisted, asking her if she had shaved her nice mound; my wife again nodded a yes with her head?Fred smiled and ordered her to spread her legs for his friends.Then he said to them: ?Feel how wet she gets. I bet she's dripping juice."One of them confirmed she had shaved her pussy; the other one said she was hot and wet down there.Fred told her to take both dicks in her hands as they rubbed her pussy lips.Ana protested, telling him I could see them. But he said I was not looking??Jerk those big cocks, slut. Make them come. Stroke them nice and slow". That son of a bitch insisted, as my hot wife started to move her shoulders.?My cunt is on fire? you guys are making me cum?? Ana cried suddenly.I could hear her panting through the receiver in my ear and I saw her shaking in orgasm. One of them said she was sitting in a puddle of juices?"Would you like to blow them, bitch, with Victor there across the bar??Fred tempted her, as he laughed. ?Go for it, my little slut"."I cannot do it? Ana objected weakly. "Not with my husband there...?Then I heard my sweet wife asking Samuel to go faster and deeper in her cunt with those long black fingers. Soon she cried she was going to cum again.Suddenly she blurt out; loud enough for the whole bar to hear, if it weren't for the loud music. As her second orgasm subsided, Fred urged her to jerk them faster and swallow their semen.I glanced over and saw my wife's head go underneath the table.I heard both men moaning and telling how a good sucker my wife was.Ana sat back up with her hand covering her lips. She swallowed hard and then opened her empty mouth. The men were delighted with her...A while later I saw them walking to my table. Ana explained she did not think she should drive. I acted surprised and asked her if she wanted to leave her car and come back with me?But then Samuel spoke up, telling he volunteered to drive her car to our house, if I would bring him back to the lounge. I saw Ana whispering something in Samuel's ear. We left the bar and Ana jumped in her car with the black guy following me to our home.At the first red light, I saw in my rear mirror; she was sitting close to him. But I knew her hand was jerking his cock.At the second traffic light, I saw only the driver's silhouette. She was sucking his black cock as had planned for sure. When both cars arrived home; Ana went off after a long while, putting a hand on the front side of her dress. Then I knew that black bastard had received a nice blowjob, but he had also masturbated my wife, because I could see some glistening traces on her thighs? Ana waved goodbye to Samuel and then she kissed me deeply. I could taste his semen in my wife?s delicate mouth?I drove back Samuel to the bar. The huge black man was silent during the trip. Then I returned home and found my wife was already lying in bed.I touched her body with my fingertips, but Ana turned over, telling she was very tired for some ?games??She was horny for sure, but I knew she was saving her hot state of mind for the next afternoon gangbang?
04-06-2021, at 10:26 PM

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