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Girl's Night Out Ch. 08

Post #1

They went back to Meg's apartment and spent the weekend making love and having all kinds of kinky fun. Meanwhile, Brenda and Pete were at his house talking about planning a camping trip for the weekend. They decided to go to a local campground that Pete knew of. They gathered all the camping gear they would need, a tent, air mattress and sheets and blankets, pillows, folding chairs, the coolers for the food and ice, pans and cooking utensils, toiletry items, water jugs full of fresh water, and a duffle bag with their clothes and towels in it. They packed everything into the back of Pete's truck, with the coolers closest to the back of the truck. They left his house and went to the store to buy the food they wanted to take with them. Forty-five minutes later, they were on the way to the campgrounds for a quiet weekend of camping.

Pete pulled his truck into the grounds and they drove around to find a campsite that wasn't being used. A few minutes later, he pulled into an empty site and they got out, and started to unpack. He put the coolers on the picnic table, then they set up the tent. Pete inflated the air mattress while Brenda unloaded the rest of the supplies, putting them on and by the picnic table. Pete put the mattress in the tent and Brenda put on the sheets, blankets and pillows while Pete set up the chairs and lanterns and mosquito candles. He went into the woods and picked up a bunch of wood for their campfire, then started a fire. Within minutes, the fire was burning high and hot. As they were finishing the unpacking, a escort bayan gaziantep man pulled into the site. He got out of his car and introduced himself as Mr Jones, the campground caretaker.

He asked Pete, "Would you folks be needing any split firewood for the weekend? I sell it for $3.00 a wagon-load and I will bring it here and unload it, but I don't stack it for you." Pete gave him six dollars for two loads, and he left, coming back about fifteen minutes later with the first load.

Pete stacked that wood as Mr. Jones went to get the second load. Brenda set up the chairs near the fire, but not too close so they would get burned. She was looking in the cooler for a couple of sodas when Mr. Jones pulled in with the second load of wood. She took out another soda and offered it to him. Then she sat on one of the chairs, watching Pete stack the wood after Mr. Jones left them. A few minutes later, Pete put the last chunk of wood on the stack, then tossed 3 pieces onto the fire in the pit. He took the soda that Brenda offered, then sat in the chair beside her. It was still sunny and the campgrounds were quiet right now, so they just sat there enjoying the soda and holding hands and talking. Brenda had already put everything away in the tent, so there was nothing left to do until it was time to cook dinner over the campfire.

While they were sitting there, Pete was holding her hand tenderly, his thumb stroking over her knuckles gently. He looked into Brenda's eyes and saw them darken with desire, going from light to dark as she became more and more aroused. He was sure his eyes were getting darker too. Brenda glanced down at his lap and saw the "tent" forming in his loose shorts and she smiled and nodded slightly. Pete stood and pulled Brenda to her feet, then they put their sodas on the table and went into the tent. Pete zipped the flap closed, then turned to Brenda, who was sitting on the mattress taking her shoes off. He quickly removed his own shoes and sat beside her, pulling her into his arms and kissing her deeply as his hand slid beneath her shirt to cup and knead her breasts. A soft moan escaped as he lifted her shirt, unhooked her bra and removed them both, then covered her right breast with his mouth, sucking and licking her nipple. He tugged at it gently with his teeth, sending spirals of pleasure through her body.

He did the same thing with her left breast and nipple as his hand slid down her belly and under the waist band of her shorts and panties. His fingers found the soft downy fluff of her mound, then slipped between the moist fleshy lips to caress her clit. She gasped softly as his finger found her pleasure bud and began to swirl around it and rub it. He lightly pinched it as he continued to nibble and suck on her breasts, sending bolts of pleasure soaring through her body. Her hand slid down his arm, to his side, then down his hip to his butt, where she squeezed it playfully. He growled, like a panther on the prowl, as she moved her hand down to his thigh, slowly moving it up inch by inch by inch until it barely touched his hardened shaft and his ball sack. Her hand slid up and cupped his sack and gently squeezed him. Then she began slowly stroking him with her palm.

He sat up and laid on the bed, pulling her over him so she straddled his chest with her bottom in his face, and her mouth near his shaft. He began flicking her cleft with his tongue as she began to lick his shaft with her tongue, in long slow strokes, bottom to top, top to bottom. Her hand still cupped his sack and she gently kneaded his balls. She moaned as his tongue tugged and teased her clit while his fingers plunged deep into her hole. He started fingering her harder and faster as he sucked her clit, coaxing forth her sweet and tangy love honey. Her mouth closed around his shaft, sucking and licking and teasing him with her tongue and teeth and lips. Within moments, his hot cum was shooting into her mouth. He fingered her wet pussy faster and harder, his three fingers going in and out of her sheath.

He continued licking and sucking her clit and within seconds, she was cumming hard, her love honey flowing out and coating his fingers and tongue. Pete licked all her juices off her pussy, then she rolled off of him and turned to lay beside him, resting her head on his shoulder and her hand on his chest as they rested to catch their breath. Brenda reached over and grabbed a blanket and Pete helped her open it to cover them with. She snuggled back against him and yawned. "Are you tired out already, babe?" Pete asked. She blushed a little and nodded. Pete smiled and said, "It's ok, baby. Go ahead and take a nap. I'm not going anywhere yet." She kissed him then fell asleep quickly.
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